UCLU Football and Preseason starts soon

July 25, 2016 - 9:58 PM

Dear All,

Please see the message below and the attached. Anything that you can do will be much appreciated by the students.

From: Alex Kozak [mailto:kozakalex10@gmail.com]
Sent: 22 July 2016 16:31
To: Ethu Crorie
Subject: Re: UCLU Football

To all Accies players,

I am writing on behalf of UCLU FC, having been chosen to be the treasurer for next season.

As you all had the pleasure of playing for UCLU FC, I hope that it is an experience you look back at fondly and one of your highlights of being at university. I am writing to you now to ask if you would be able to help the great club.

With the UCL union becoming increasingly stringent with their finances, it is becoming harder to keep on growing the club. We are proud of what we have achieved in recent years with the club now operating with 7 teams with almost all of these having 2 weekly games, all teams having weekly training sessions, and the club buying 3 brand new kits annually. This year we would like to build on all that with participating in another successful varsity, increasing the amount of coaches within the club and increasing the number of varied social events the club takes part in to attract the highest amount of members.

To continue this progression, the club needs funds on top of the grant received from the union. As the committee, we specifically don't want to raise the membership fees which could lead to the exclusion of potential players, as the bigger the club - the better the experience for everyone involved.

Therefore, if you can, or whoever you work with/for, or even know somebody that will be willing to sponsor the club for next season, I have attached a detailed sponsorship brochure explaining how we will spend the funds and the numerous benefits the sponsors can expect in return.

For any queries please do not hesitate to contact myself,

Thank you for your help,

Alexander Kozak.

Fixtures are based on how many players have been available in previous years.

August 6th
1sts v Aloysians (A)- game dependent on opposition being able to find a pitch. Will know in next day or so

August 13th
1sts v Old Parkonians 1sts (H)
3rds/4ths v Old Parkonians 3rds (H)
5ths/6ths v Old Parkonians 5ths (H)

August 20th
1sts v Park View (H)
2nds v Edmontonians (A)
3rds/4ths v Old Woods 2nds (A)
5ths/6ths v Old Woods 4ths (H)

August 27th
Inter Club games at Shenley

September 3rd
1sts v TBA
2nds v RBS 1sts (H)
3rds v RBS 2nds (H)
4ths v Egbertians 4ths (H)
5ths v Old Parmiterians 6ths (A)
6ths v Old Parmiterians 7ths (A)

September 10th
1sts League Game
2nds League Game
3rds v Parmiterians 4ths (A)
4ths v Parmiterians 5ths (A)
5ths v Old Salvatorians 5ths (H)
6ths v Enfield 5ths (H)

Saturday November 19th
Accies Legends tournament involving three matches including games against Italian and Spanish alumni teams

Saturday April 29th 2017
Accies Legends in Spain

Have a good summer, stay fit and, if you can, recruit as many players as you can for next season.

Take the chance to try and recruit new players for next season. If you can put up the attached poster somewhere convenient please do so.

For those of you using parkrun there is a UCL Academicals FC running club on there so you can compare your times with others in the club. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events/ is the link.

Follow us on twitter @UCLAccies and find us on Facebook at UCL Academicals